Can You Preview What "Always Online" Will Display?

Is there a way to see what “Always Online” will display before your website actually goes offline?

Whenever my site has had issues and “Always Online” kicks in it hasn’t saved / doesnt display a true snapshot of my site and seems to not have “everything online”

I understand that the Internet Archive link up fixes some of these issues.

But is there a way to preview what Always Online will display ahead of time? (with or without the internet archive link up)

(Further to this, what extra info does CF share with IA. A warning is there that “some info” will be shared. But can we know what exactly or even generally?)


I’d love to know if there is a way to do this, but luckily I had an outage on my connectivity provider and was able to try it shortly after switching to IA mode and got to give it a test drive.

Isn’t that about the same thing as going to IA yourself and typing your URL into the Wayback machine?

It is probably the same. But I’d like to see/know for myself. Unfortunately this is hard to test on a test site since test environments probably won’t make it into IA anyway (and certainly not quickly or completely).

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