Can you please stop reloading the page automatically?

As I’m looking through and reading the long page of reports at, the page keeps getting refreshed, and I lose the scrolled position.

Even taking the browser offline doesn’t help (it seems the page is cached locally), and this won’t stop the page from trying to reload itself anyway.

Can someone at Cloudflare put a toggle of some sort, or perhaps make the refresh only happen when the scroll position is zero?

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What browser are you using? I’m using latest Google Chrome and it doesn’t appear to be refreshing at all. How frequently is it refreshing for you?

Its true that the Site does Refetch Data pretty often. You can see it in the Network Tools of your Browser. But it doesnt lose its Position when it does… At least for me

The refresh is happening once every minute.
I’m using Firefox, and it is reloading the whole page. The developer tools show that the whole html doc is being requested.

And testing with Edge, in deed, does not cause a change in scroll position. I wonder who to complain to in this case, as I don’t know how to debug web apps…

Edit: Some browser extension is causing this… I’m investigating…

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I can confirm the issue is caused by a Firefox privacy extension. Specifically, this one:

Thank you for the feedback, dudes :slight_smile:

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