Can you load balance for a wildcarded hostname running under :grey:?


Just want to know if it’s possible to do load balancing with a wildcarded hostname… and given we aren’t on the enterprise plan, this isn’t a dns entry that is proxied by CF.


Toni Brown

No. Records Set to :grey: will bypass Cloudflare and connect your visitors directly to your origin.

Hi Mark,

I had thought from here:

it sounded like grey cloud was supported to a certain extent, but I just wasn’t sure whether a whildcarded one would work…

I’m thinking now that it probably isn’t, because if it did, it might be sucking in all DNS entries for a domain name ignoring what was explicitly specified in the DNS area, but I just thought I’d check…

We had a login page which comes up whether someone types in… so wildcarded after all specified DNS entries are taken care of…

We wanted the login page to go somewhere else if our primary hosting provider was completely down without having to tweak the DNS entry for the wildcard.



OK, this one was new to me. But now i can follow you. Nevertheless, good to know but i wouldn’t use it as the failover might take too long, or fails if a resolver ignores this short TTLs. But it seems that this is the only way as you aren’t on Enterprise.

I can’t find any hint that (grey clouded) wildcards are supported on LBs


Cool thanks Mark… I’ll rethink my approach here :slight_smile:

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