Can you improve situation in Croatia please?


I have a Business fiber optic connection with Hrvatski Telekom (main operator in Croatia) in FTTH. Overall happy with the service, despite some ups and downs.

HT-T →

Since i use this for work and do a lot of video calls with US/EU, i’ve noticed that performance largely degrades over the evening time between 17-23 which is peak time, that’s nothing new under the sun.

While that can be acceptable, i’ve noticed that the performance of some websites degrades because the DNS resolver reaches certain websites under not optimal DNSs.

For instance, DE has usually the best ping throughout the day, yet i’m often reaching servers in Austria and Hungary for google meet.

I currently use - due to its reputation on EU routes being very fast.(for the most part it’s great).

|AS Name|Cloudflare|
|AS Number|13335|
|Cloudflare Data Center|ZAG|

I am wondering if there’s anything you guys can do for improving the performance of the Zagreb server (you do have a CF server there) which is closer to any point in Croatia, plus connectivity to the wider internet, especially on EU and US routes, which for me are key for my work.

This was yesterday evening at 23.00 for example.


and performance in Google meet

This is today instead, overall on 25ms:


I know this also belongs to Google, but is there anything you guys can do for improving performance in Croatia at all on the DNS queries so they always go for instance to ? I know they have a load balancer there so perhaps not an idea but the other one which sometimes goes to, it’s really overloaded.


Regarding belonging, it is not “also”, but “only” Google.

Cloudflare is simply returning the IP addresses that the authoritative DNS servers that are responsible for e.g. is returning with.

Cloudflare has no influence on those addresses, nor when they are being returned.

So that would solely be something you would need to consult Google about.


I thought so, still hoping CF can also change something.


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