Can you have 2 Dns providers for a web server?

I am hosting a web server and need to install a redundant connection from 2 local ISPs. Can we have 2 paid Dns providers, one set for each ISP? Looking at providers along the lines of cloudflare, godaddy etc….

I think a load balancer is a better option to solve your problem. Check out Cloudflare Load Balancing.

Where? At home? At work?

You can certainly have multiple DNS providers, but it is not going to do what you seem to be looking for. In a typical multiple-DNS scenario both providers give identical results. With Cloudflare, you either need to be using a CNAME setup or an Enterprise plan to use multiple DNS providers.

How are you connecting to the two ISPs? Are these consumer grade ISPs, with just a static default route? Can you connect to them using BGP? How does your server decide which ISP to use for outbound traffic?

The idea way to do this is by connecting to the Internet using a BGP router. You would run a BGP session to each ISP, and if one fails it is no longer used to route traffic in and out if your network. Your server does not care which ISP is used. Depending on how you get IP addresses, you could then either use a Load Balancer to detect if one address is down, or just let BGP figure out where the address is.

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