Can you control your CloudFlare DNS records from another domain provider

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So I have Cloudflare set up and I manage a number of client sites on it however, one of my clients who wants me to set up Cloudflare on their site doesn’t want to change their Name Servers for security reasons.

Is there a way in Cloudflare to do this?

I was reading up about getting a CNAME setup configured with the business package but wasn’t sure if this would do exactly what I need.

Basically, my client wants to have me set up Cloudflare for them but not have to change their Name Servers.

That’s my best solution?

You can do this on an Enterprise plan.

A compromise approach would be a CNAME setup on a Business Plan:

Or the SSL for SaaS approach:

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Thanks for this, these are really helpful. I’ll give these a read and hopefully can give my client a few options.

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