Can You Connect One Github Account to Two Cloudflare Accounts?

I took a look through the support docs and didn’t find anything similar to this so I decided ask for help here. From what I can tell there don’t seem to be any restrictions on connecting one Github account to multiple Cloudflare accounts (to deploy Github repos to Cloudflare Pages managed on separate Cloudflare accounts), but it doesn’t seem to be working.

  • When I connect my Github account to Cloudflare (Account A) everything works as expected, yay!
  • When I try to connect Github to Cloudflare Account B, instead of being brought to the OAuth page as expected I’m brought to a Configuration page that looks like this with no way to save, to authenticate, or go back.

  • When I disconnect Account A I’m able to configure Account B with Cloudflare Pages. I unfortunately need to keep these Cloudflare accounts separate for legal reasons and since there are no connection restrictions listed in the documentation I assume this is a bug.
  • A GitHub or GitLab account cannot be attached to more than one Cloudflare account.

You’d need to use Direct Upload with Wrangler to be able to have this functionality, using GitHub Actions.

Wow, thanks. I swear I checked the forums, googled around, and looked through a bunch of docs only to miss that. Appreciate the help @KianNH. :man_bowing:t2:

You could probably do a mirror repository (where changes in one repo goes to the other) and have the two repos linked to the two accounts, but it can get messy.

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