Can you check my DNS setting?


Can you check if my DNS setting is good?

I use Cloudways to host Wordpress(woocommerce) site and I use Rackspace for email and I use Cloudflare cache.

Recently, I started to use Amazon SES for email.
To setup SES, I went to DNS menu on Cloudflare, and I saw there are so many stuff in there.

I wonder if I need to keep all of them, or is it better to remove some stuff.
I attached picture of the DNS setting

By the way, can you let me know how can I move all emails from Rackspace to SES?

Thank you.


Thank you for asking.

Kindly, there are few things to consider and modify, please do the needed steps as follows:

  1. A ftp, A mail, A ssh - edit those and switch from :orange: to :grey: (DNS-only)

  2. A www.mailboxes, A www.webmail - switch them from :orange: to :grey: (DNS-only), and if you’d like to use them, you’d have to use Advanced Certificate Manager, otherwise you’d have an issue here as described in article from below including the solution to fix it → Subdomain too deep

  3. CNAME autodiscover - switch it from :orange: to :grey: (DNS-only)

Unfortunately, I am not familiar with Rackspace nor Amazon SES. I am afraid you’d have to wait for another reply on that, despite the question might be out of the scope for this forums too.

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Thank you. I googled the IP address, and I found it was related with dreamhost which we don’t use any more. So I deleted them.

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