Can you buy a new domain with the new Cloudflare Registrar?


I transfered a domain over to Cloudflare today without any issues and I’m loving the great cost and having all my stuff on Cloudflare related to the domain now. I am looking to also get a new domain in the coming couple weeks for another project and maybe I am blind but I can’t seem to find a way to purchase a domain via Cloudflare. Is it only currently possible to transfer one? Is there any workaround other than buying a new domain, and then waiting the time limit before I can transfer? That would be a bit annoying.

Not yet.

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Is there an estimated time frame for this?

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@SamRhea? Any ETA?

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No ETA just yet, but working on it!


Thank you VERY much for starting this thread - my question exactly.

To clarify then… I have to

  1. Buy new domains thru godaddy or other shop
  2. Wait 60 days per I think the ICANN guidelines
  3. Transfer everything over here
    and then
  4. Cloudflare will renew them from here out

correct? thanks again!

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Correct. Obviously provided Cloudflare supports the TLD.

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@matteo already said everything that had to be said. But

please, “other shop” :wink:


By the moment, I have only one observation of Cloudflare as Registrar:
Differents domains ownership in the same account (these domains were in this account previusly to Cloudflare become a Registrar). Now is a bit trouble to move each domain to differents acconts (change DNS, settings, and so on), then transfer Registrar to Cloudflare, to simple get the ability to change whois info.
I don’t was warned of this limitation before transfer severals domains to Cloudflare.
To Cloudflare developers: PLEASE consider enabling individual whois info in each domain name (as all registrars do), no matter how many domains you have in the same account. Otherwise we are forced to have innacurate info for each domain.
Thank you!!