Can workers be used for video for an extra fee?

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I tried contacting sales to find out if I can use workers for video, but they were not able to help much, the agent was not able to give a clear answer to my question. At first he suggested I contact support as soon as I mentioned workers before even asking my question then he suggested that the the 5$ bundle may leverage the limitation, but I highly doubt… 5$ to use workers for videos sound so generous…

I tried contacting support but I keep getting bot replies…

Does anyone happen to have experience with serving videos over workers? does that 5$ bundle really cancel the limitation? if not, does anyone know who should I contact to get my question answered properly?

p.s: I know about cloudflare stream, it’s not suitable for the kind of site I’m building…

Thanks in advance

Short answer: No.

Your question is pretty straightforward. You want to send video through Cloudflare, and that’s a clear violation of ToS 2.8. There’s no “extra fee” you can pay to do this, unless you go full Enterprise for a ton of money.

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Hey, Thanks for your answer!

Your answer makes more sense than the answer I got from the sales representative via chat! costly, but makes sense.

How should I request a quote for my use case? I tried sales, they don’t even understand what I’m asking for, and support are giving me bot replies…

Call Sales and tell them you’re interested in an Enterprise account for your video hosting service.

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I always like to do my communications via email so that everything is documented. Sales always give false/inaccurate information (just like the sales representatives I had in chat that suggested the 5$ bundle lol), so I want everything to be written so I won’t be at the wrong in case any one at sales gave wrong information. But yeah, I think I will give them a call and ask for an e-mail follow up.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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