Can we use Stream to stream videos directly in mobile apps (not browser)?

We are developing a new mobile app and I want to use Cloudflare Stream service in it. I just want to know, can we get a direct link to our video and stream directly using native iOS (and Android) players?
I don’t want to use a web browser, and I can’t find anything about it in documentations.

It sure doesn’t look like it. Looking at my Stream video, it’s a Javascript player that loads the video.

Yes, I know. I just wanted to make sure there is no way to directly stream video?

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Hi. I’ve the question and wanted to check if the current state with cloudflare stream is changed in regards to support for mobile apps.

Cloudflare support team, can you please advise?


Can we use Stream to stream videos directly in mobile apps (not browser)?

The answer is yes. :slight_smile: We built Stream for this.

Check for HLS and DASH URLs in the API. They follow a pattern like<UID>/manifest/video.m3u8.
You can use the HLS URL in the AVPlayer for iOS and the DASH URL in ExoPlayer for Android.

I got an example Apple TV app working over last weekend with no iOS experience. I made a swift project, and did this:

func PlayFullscreen(videoid: String, viewController: UIViewController){
    let videoURL = URL(string: "\(videoid)/manifest/video.m3u8")

    let player = AVPlayer(url: videoURL!)
    let playerViewController = AVPlayerViewController()
    playerViewController.player = player

    viewController.present(playerViewController, animated: true) {

If you’re using react native, my colleague recommended using react-native-video - npm, though I don’t have experience using it.


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