Can we use redis with worker for store data using KV?

I want to store query params on the Redis store for future use.

No. Workers cannot create TCP connections.

You should use Workers KV, which is also a key-value store but optimized for storing data at a global scale:

Edit: this is still true, but see below if you want a HTTP API for interfacing with redis.

I have in production a redundant/fallback write on Redis.
Writes and reads from KV and event.waitUntil(promise: Promise<void>) to write in Redis (you need to implement an API to do this on the server.).

For simpler projects I use CouchDB.

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I personally use Redis as one of my cache stores for a worker that’s used by about a million visitors a month. I’ve written a small REST api that I use to communicate with Redis. There’s also Webdis if you want to do some more advanced things.

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Thanks @Judge for reply