Can we use our own custom port for GRPC Endpoint other than 443

Can we use our own custom port for GRPC Endpoint other than 443
Our GRPC client’s were using custom port for accessing our grpc origin server. Recently we integrated our service with cloudflare for proxy support. As per the doc cloudflare recomended to use 443 port for our origin server so we updated to 443 from our custom port. Things working fine but we want to use our custom port rather than 443. Do Cloudflare provide any solution to use custom port instead of 443 for GRPC Endpoints ??

The Second thing is we are planning to restrict our application load balancer access to only cloudflare via ip ranges by using NSG group with the following CIDR ranges Do these CIDR listed will change ?? if they change do cloudflare send us any notifications ?? so that these changes will not block our client’s production workloads

It’s not “recommended,” it’s required:


Your gRPC endpoint must listen on port 443. 

At best, I can only suggest you try a different HTTPS port, but if the docs say 443 is required, I wouldn’t count on the others to work:

It’s only changed once in recent memory, but only because they were allocated to a different Cloudflare service. I do recall many people seeing the notification of this change, which caused a lot of head-scratching because most people don’t use that list for anything.

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