Can we use CF APO with other caching plugins instead of CF plugin?

Hi guys,

Instead of adding yet another WP plugin to my site, can I use APO and all its features with WP Rocket or LScache plugin (for litespeed server)? They integrate with CF via API key so why need another plugin just for APO?

When i understand it correctly you should be able to use APO with WP-Rocket.

Edit: sdayman states in the Comment under me that you need the official Cloudflare Plugin so i guess i misunderstood this part of the Documentation. So ignore this Comment

I was in the middle of responding to this when someone (you?) deleted the post.

No, you need the official Cloudflare plugin to use APO.

Thank you, yes, WP Rocket integrates with CF as does LS Cache plugin but they don’t seem to have any settings for APO. I assume WP Rocket wants to sell its own CDN service and LS Cache has service…

No, sdayman, I didn’t delete your reply, promise!
CF email said Akismet put my post on review or something no idea why. but published it in the end.

How would it play along with caching plugins?
Are they redundant or good to keep for CF cache misses? or to help with lazyload or other optimizations?

Your post just vanished as I was replying. Akismet must have been suspicious of something.

The Cloudflare plugin only interacts with Cloudflare settings. Some of those other plugins integrate with Cloudflare to purge the cache.

So you know you need the Cloudflare plugin for APO. If you’re going to use another plugin, just don’t give it your API key to send any commands to Cloudflare. Let that plugin handle your site configuration, and the Cloudflare plugin to handle your Cloudflare configuration.

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Thank you for your time and good advice.

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APO Integration is on WP Rocket todo list. That being said Cloudflare WordPress plugin provides smart logic to invalidate impacted cache entries on content change, I don’t think other Caching plugins provide similar functionality to the same extend.