Can we upload our own SSL on Pro plan?

Can we upload our own SSL on the Pro plan or are we required to upgrade to the Business plan to do that?

What are the pros and cons of using a shared SSL versus our own SSL (which is already being used on our site and is valid for a few more years)

Based on the language from the SSL/TLS page in the Dashboard, this feature is only available to members on the Business plan.

That said, your paid-for SSL certificate is not useless. Cloudflare’s SSL, on the most basic level, only encrypts traffic from the visitor to Cloudflare’s intermediate servers. Check out the diagram in the Overview tab of the SSL/TLS page in your Dashboard to see how Cloudflare’s SSL works.

In your case, you’ll want to keep your web server configured with your paid-for SSL certificate and enable the Full (Strict) policy in your SSL/TLS settings at Cloudflare. This leverages the extra encryption of your trusted third-party SSL certificate and adds a second level of protection.

The only caveat here is that you need to make sure that any domains/subdomains that you wish to cache content on (:orange:, as opposed to :grey:) have your own trusted SSL certificate installed in order for visitors to be able to connect. If your SSL certificate doesn’t cover a subdomain, but you want to cache it with the Full (Strict) setting, you’ll need to generate and install an Origin Certificate from the Origin Server tab in SSL/TLS settings.

New certs here aren’t shared SSL. At least they shouldn’t be. They’re just a limited configuration: and *, which should be good enough for most people.

Are you sure it’s a few more years? Any certificate (from any public CA) issued from 1st September 2020 has a maximum validity of 13 months. Prior to that it was 25 months.

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Some CAs now allow users to pay for multiple years of coverage, and issue 1-year certificates as renewals at the start of each year the user paid for.

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