Can we transfer domain out from cloudflare

I want to transfer my domain to Cloudflare registrar, but I am curious about few things.

  1. What is DNSSEC ? I read the description still don’t know how it works, but many people said it make website faster or something.
  2. How do we transfer domain out from Cloudflare later? As far I read from here and there, Cloudflare doesn’t allow us to change NameServer and I think that make transfer domain out from Cloudflare to be impossible even after waiting for 60-90 days period.I hope someone can confirm about this, since I am not sure.
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Nothing to do with performance at all.

You definitely can transfer out your domains, however there is a 60 day window after your original transfer during which you’d have to wait. Afterwards you can transfer out at any time.

Okay, but does there any detailed guide/tutorial for transfer out the domain after 60 days ?
Usually the domain required us to change the nameservers to transfer, but Cloudflare doesn’t allow that, and I want to know how it’s done without changing nameserver.

A transfer never requires a change in nameservers*). For the rest it is a typical transfer, not any different from any other registrar.

*) You didnt have to change them for the transfer to Cloudflare either, you had to change them to get the domain active on Cloudflare but that is different from the registrar service.

Oh sorry, looks like change in nameservers only required by Cloudflare registrar for transfer, other registrar just need auth code.

Basically the only feature we lack is, we can’t change DNS in Cloudflare except paying more ?

I already addressed that, Cloudflare does not require it.

For example, I already using Cloudflare as my DNS, if I transfer domain to Cloudflare, Will I get downtime ?

You can transfer a domain to another registrar without changing the DNS and continue to use Cloudflare. The destination registrar should not change the incoming DNS settings without your approval or on your request. Generally all you require is the authorisation code and for the domain to be set to unlocked, for the destination registrar to be able to request the transfer on your behalf. All of which you can find within the “Manage Domain” section within dash.

This all assumes that your domain is not within any non-transfer period (i.e. the 60 day window previously mentioned).