Can we serve video with r2?

I’ve came across this

but has no answer.

I want to use r2, but can it serve/stream videos? if not I’ll use something else.



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Thanks @KianNH (that was my original post, referenced). I couldn’t see an explicit mention of video :thinking:. Only “non-HTML” content. Has that now been confirmed by someone from Cloudflare?

Video isn’t HTML, so yes.

If you’d prefer something more explicit, this is from Aly who is the VP of Product for Workers (someone’s account was accidentally throttled for video, clarity that it’s fine and it was a false positive).


@KianNH Ah, thanks, I hadn’t seen that post. That’s interesting. Yep, that definitely confirms video is allowed but (at least for now) there is a slight risk of that resulting high egress triggering some kind of anti-abuse threshold. And needing a human to review it.

I’d expect it to have been amended since R2 is now a GA product (and video serving wasn’t feasible with any of the other allowed storage options).

I believe it’s also exclusively a free account thing - paid accounts usually get someone reaching out whereas free accounts that hit anti-abuse are typically intended for abuse anyways.

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