Can we renew domain names at ClouFlare using PayPal?

Yesterday I purchased a new domain name which was paid using my debit card, but noticed that I was given the option to pay with PayPal. Today I tried to renew one of my domain names but could not make use of my PayPal account? So, is PayPal okay as payment method to register a new domain but not for renewals? This is what it looks like. Thank you!

The “Renew” option for domains seems to only pop up with your Primary Payment Method.

If you go to Manage Account (bottom of left bar) → Billing → Payment Info → Manage, you can edit your Primary Payment Method and click “or use Paypal” and authenticate.

Once your new Primary Payment Method is Paypal, if you go back to your domains tab and click Renew, it should pop up saying “We will use the PayPal account {name}.”

Thank you Chaika. I went through and found exactly what you said. Now I have two questions as follows:

[1] What name, email or reference should I write at PayPal to ensure that payment will be deposited to Cloudflare?

[2] Are domain names renewed only after Cloudflare receive the funds at their end or does it happen immediately after money is debited from my PayPal account? If renewal is delayed then it appears PayPal is not a suitable method of payment if the domain is about to expire.

Thank you!

What do you mean “At Paypal”? It sounds like you’re doing something wrong. When you go to manage payment methods and click “or use Paypal” and authenticate, fill out your address information, and save, that hooks up your Paypal to Cloudflare. Then when you go to renew/buy something at Cloudflare, you just go through their Paypal flow. Don’t manually send money to Cloudflare through Paypal.

Cloudflare, like most registrars, attempts to renew the domain 30 days before it expires for that reason. So you have 30 days to fix any payment issues/wait for it to process. As far as I know, it’s when they get confirmation from Paypal that the payment succeeded, they don’t make you wait days for them to get the money on their end.

Thank you very much. Crystal like water.

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