Can we please add local testing details to the Pages Framework Guides?

The ability to develop and test locally is super important, and that’s easy for a Pages project which doesn’t use any Cloudflare Platform specific features, but as soon as you bring those into the mix, things can get a little messy.

The way e.g. the SvelteKit, Astro and QwikCity adapters implement bindings is slightly different, but this is covered nicely in the Framework Guides in Cloudflare’s own documentation, so there’s very little friction, you can just read any notes, grab the code, and you’re ready to go.

However setting up and carrying out local development/testing is also different in each case, and this isn’t covered in those docs.

Instead what’s required is a trawl through the often outdated information brought up by searching t’Internets, then trying to determine which of the suggested approaches are still valid and actually work by a process trial and error, which can be time consuming, frustrating, and of course any issues with these approaches may not be apparent until you get further into a project.

Ideally there would be a section, probably at the bottom of each framework guide with the bindings example and notes, covering how to set up and carry out local development and testing of projects in that framework which use bindings.