Can we not assign Cloudflare DNS to manage our domain and run CDN?

Hi there,

Due to we manage our DNS server and we have some concern not to run DNS service with our server, I’d like to ask if it is possible not to assign Cloudflare DNS to manage our domain and run CDN?

Such as set up an cname in our Zone file … something like that …

DNS is what tells incoming web traffic where Cloudflare needs to send the requests for your pages. If there was no DNS setup on here then there would be no way to redirect the incoming traffic to your files. You are still managing your dns internally, the Cloudflare DNS only ints your incoming traffic to your server so it can cache your site. Even when I run self hosted cdns on a subdomain, DNS is used to create a cname to direct the traffic between the subdomain the parent domain internally, and Cloudflare only needs a dns record for your main domain name.

Hi May,

Thanks for your reply. And I’m sorry I’m not get it clearly.

May I describe the request again? …

For example,

AWS provides a domain ( for us to assign CNAME to record to its cache server.

Assume our web server is actually on

And We make a cname in our public DNS like this: cname acutally caches

Can we do the same thing with Cloudflare?

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