Can we not add noip domain name site to cloudflare?

I have self hosted website , which uses noip domain name.
can we not add it to cloudflare site ? everytime I try I get error saying domain is not registered.

You can only add domains that you own. A subdomain won’t work because the name servers belong to the parent domain, and you won’t be able to change those if you don’t own the parent domain.

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alright, I own a domain , but can I think point a subdomain to different ip and add added as site. because I want subdomained webstie to be restricted to 2 countries only but website to be accessible for the entire world.

You can set Firewall Rules by hostname. Domains and Subdomains can have completely different DNS records on the same name server. For example, I have a WordPress site on one server, and a NextCloud subdomain on a different server. Plus, they have different firewall rules.

ok thank you I will try this.

I have another doubt. I too have nextcloud but its hosted on premise and I was using noip , so if I moved to my other registed domain will it be possible to some how still be able to connect dynamic ip!


Thank you thats what I am expert at (y)

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