Can we make our emails work without any configure on email client's device

Hi, We were trying to configure our website run through Cloudflare but have to give up that we realized our mails wont be working in that case. Wonder will there be any way based on our situation?

Our domain ‘’ and we have setup all our email clients income/outgoing server to ‘’. I assume if we have setup Cloudflare we need to setup an A record with an hostname then have to configure all our email clients settings according to that (on their email programs, devices, etc.). It will not be a practical operation in our-end, since I’d like to know will there be any way we can make our email clients work without change any settings on their email programs/devices?

Thank you.

No. All your clients would be trying to connect to a “URL” that’s set to :orange:. Cloudflare :orange: doesn’t proxy email protocol.

Not sure have I mentioned it right, when I say client thats our staff who has outlook setup (ex: [email protected]) with InComing/OutGoing server set to ‘’ . So is that you say no that they can’t function emails without change the InComing/OutGoing server, right?

Correct. “” would be proxied by Cloudflare, and Cloudflare will only proxy HTTP/HTTPS. Not mail.

Email should be on a subdomain. The MX record for will tell inbound mail what subdomain you’ve chosen. For example, email to [email protected] will actually go to server:

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