Can we have two Super Administrator - All Privileges?

We would like to have two names on our accounts that can access the billing section. At the moment one is Super Admin and the other is just admin, and according to the site admin cannot access the full account.


At this time unless you have an Enterprise plan the Super Administrator role is delegated to only one user. You can set your account to receive invoices via a different email if you choose as follows:
To receive your invoice via email, you can opt-in within the Billing section of the Cloudflare dashboard. Once enabled, you will receive an invoice via email:

  • within one (1) business day of initial setup,
  • every month at the end of your billing period, and
  • within one (1) business day for all new purchases.

To enable Cloudflare invoice emails,

  1. Log in to your Cloudflare account
  2. Click the Billing tab.
  3. On the left navigation, click Invoices .
  4. In the Security card, toggle the notification switch to On. You will receive an invoice via billing email address on file within one (1) business day.
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