Can we get the SPF record type removed? It's deprecated, why let users still add it?

Had an issue here the other day where a user was getting email issues because of SPF failing and it was because (s)he’d implemented their SPF record in an SPF record type instead of TXT.

SPF record type has been deprecated for a while now and no one uses it any more. I can’t see any reason why we’d keep it in the DNS record dropdown. Sure, if people out there erroneously already have it in their zone config then leave it in place but surely we don’t need it there for people to add now when we know it doesn’t work any more.

Kind of just causes us work as it’s another thing for people to do wrong when they don’t know any better.


Hello @saul,

Totally agree!

Perhaps you should change the category to Feedback > Usage & Design to catch the attention of the folks in charge of UI issues.

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