Can Wasabi and Cloudflare be used for both image and video?

I would like to use Wasabi to store my sites image and video uploaded by the users as content. Am I correct in my understanding that Cloudflare can be connected to the buckets which will automatically be cached at edge locations?

If so is it possible to host both video and images in the same bucket? Additionally if I were to add the streaming service will my videos be processed automatically? Finally does Cloudflare allow you to pay for image resizing on the Pro plan?


If your provider (Wasabi) supports DNS-based hosting, eg. via setting up a CNAME, then yes, CF will protect it and cache the content at edge servers.


No, Cloudflare Stream requires you to upload videos to CF stream:

No, it is currently only available for business plan customers.

Note that, if you do use CF for video hosting, you must also have your main website proxied by Cloudflare, and you must abide by the terms of service, namely section 2.8 which says you cannot serve a disproportionate amount of non-html content, amongst other things.

2.8 Limitation on Serving Non-HTML Content

Basically, all this means is that you can’t just use CF to serve and cache videos/images without putting the rest of your site on Cloudflare as well.

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Thanks for the reply,

Regarding your last comment, the limitation to serving none-HTML content seems to depend on whether or not you have paid for another service that includes it. Would the streaming add on not be one such service? if not which ones does it refer to. Wasabi themselves recommended using Cloudflare for video delivery so I assume there is some way to do this (also which service would be required to be unlimited in image delivery.)

Cloudflare are not explicitly referenced in that resource but they are part of the bandwidth alliance with Wasabi so I assumed it was implied to use them.

Using a bandwidth alliance partner doesn’t have any supplemental terms so I doubt using a partner means section 2.8 no longer applies.

If you use CF stream, yes - the limitation is trying to prevent people who create a single subdomain that serves a lot of videos while the rest of their site doesn’t use CF. If you use Cloudflare Stream, the paid add-on, then you don’t need to worry about this limitation.

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