Can two different domains get the same IP from cloudflare nameservers?

Could it be that Cloudflare would return the same IP for two different domains for the same user?

If the two domains hosted in the same POP of Cloudflare, does the user get the same IP (of the POP) for both and send to the same IP a different URL and that way the POP knows what content to return to it?

I’m not clear on the question. The only things that matter are the hostname IP address, and the visitor IP address.

Cloudflare assigns several IP address for hostnames proxied by Cloudflare. Mine are usually two for IPv4 and two for IPv6. They’re the same set of IP addresses for everybody in the world because of Anycast.

Visitor IP address naturally won’t change, unless they move to a different connection. An exception is if they switch between IPv4 and IPv6, but those won’t change to a different IPv4 or IPv6 address.

Is something not working?

That’s what I meant, my site IP will get the same IP of your site because of ANYCAST right?

Not necessarily due to Anycast, but because it’s a shared IP address. With the millions of websites using Cloudflare, many will share the same IP address.

Thank you for your answer!

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