Can tunnels server non-http traffic on non-standard ports?

I’m attempting to tunnel a cryptocurrency node, but ideally would like to tunnel other applications like game servers as well. Is this all possible?

I initially setup a simple nginx server, bound my domain to just “localhost” (not “http://localhost:80”), and it works fine.

Next I tried to do it with the cryptocurrency node, it uses various ports like 18080 for incoming, and 18081 or 18089 for outgoing. I did the same thing as before with just “localhost” but it didn’t seem to work if I try to access the node from domain:18081 for example. I read that cloudflare proxies can only serve traffic on certain ports, maybe I can bind the node to port 80 or 443 or something instead and use that? Do I need to specify a port or protocol in the url to proxy?

Can somebody educate me on how exactly the ports work and if argo tunnels are compatible with non-http traffic in the first place?

I greatly appreciate any help, thanks.

*serve not server, unfortunate typo in the title

Hello @swensonliam

I think this answers your question: Cloudflared argo - raw TCP - #2 by nuno.diegues

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So it seems its possible, but what do I need to change in my configuration to make it work, the post mentions to include cloudflared in the app which I have already done.

I feel like the problem might be that I’m missing some configuration, as I’m simply telling cloudflared to route the ip of the machine and not a specific port or protocol. Is this supposed to proxy all traffic on all ports? or do I need to explicitly allow specific ports or protocols.