Can the included web player play a video from a particular time index?

I have a how-to page on my web site (with how-to structured data and video steps).
I have a video clip at each of the steps to illustrate the step. The only problem is that the structured data i am using needs me to have only 1 video on the page, and define each step as a timestamp in that video (ie: step 2 starts at 22 seconds and ends at 44 seconds). This is perfectly ok, as long as I can set the video player to start at 22 seconds, when somebody is interested in viewing step 2.
I am fairly tech savvy, but i’m not sure i could figure out how to use my own player if the included stream player is incapable of this. Anyone have any advice? Thx!

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Setting currentTime on the player API seeks to that time (in seconds). See this codepen for an example:

Sorry for the slow reply. You answered my question so thank you! To improve the user experience though, i would like to have a “link” to the correct part of the video in each section. This link would be a thumbnail image representing the correct section (image would show the title of the section AND a play button in the middle of the image), and when clicked it would seek to the correct timestamp and play. I might be asking too much…as i am also not a coder.

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