Can the firewall block the URL request link?

I want the firewall to block all ( devices from this domain name from accessing.
How can I do it, I hope to get help, thank you

I am afraid your question is not really clear. What exactly do you want to block?

Block requests

What is that supposed to be?

Block visitors from

Block visitors from
Can the firewall be solved?

How do you define a visitor from that domain?

What you could do is use a firewall rule with the following expression.

(http.referer contains "")

But that’s no guarantee that it will block all requests.

yes Block visitors from

You would like to block users who are visiting your site using the web browser on an Xbox?

yes,Yes, can a firewall do it?

Is this set up?

Is this set up?

Precisely, that would be the firewall rule.

Though that domain only redirects to a Microsoft site. I presume Microsoft won’t link to your site.

Perhaps he’s asking to block all XBOX user agents from his site, not referrers (which doesn’t really work much these days with https and referrer blocking being pretty common).

That is not what he earlier confirmed.

Anyhow, he certainly can block user agents as well.

Yeah, that’s a mystery to me. I wonder if it’s some sort of proxy server for XBoxes.

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