Can the Cloudflare email routing be used to set up a smtp connection for a third party app?

Our email server is through Microsoft 365 and we aren’t able to set up a smtp connection without increasing our subscription cost through them. I’m wondering if the Cloudflare email routing can be used, we do have Cloudflare set as our nameservers. The app we’re trying to connect to requires that simple authentication is enabled, or an app password is able to be set up.

Sadly, it cannot.

All Cloudflare Email Routing does is forward email. That’s it. There is no replying/sending mail through it, no storing email, no mailboxes, etc.

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You really won’t want to use Microsoft 365 for that purpose anyway. You need to find a transactional email service. There are plenty of good ones to choose from. You will definitely need to set up various DNS records when implementing whichever one you decide to use.


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