Can the CDN customize the source website port?

I am a Chinese websitemaster. Because I want to build a website with my own server, but my carrier (China Telecom) has banned service ports such as 443, 80, 8080. This prevented me from using Cloudflare’s CDN service. But undoubtedly, Cloudflare is indeed a very good service provider. I want to continue using it. Can I increase the functionality of the custom source website port? If not, what is the solution? (For example, if you are a reverse proxy, the efficiency is too low…)
Google Translate, there may be some words translated is not very accurate, the following is attached to the original Chinese text:

I believe you probably have consumer grade Network, try to talk to your ISP see if they can provide professional network which might give you static ip, also won’t ban your port

This is true, but the price of more than 10,000 yuan per month is not what a student can afford. And in China, applying for static IP broadband requires filing. This is very troublesome. And there are still problems that don’t pass. In this case, a “testpage184” error will occur when visiting the website. This can customize the request of the source port. This problem has been published on a website in China (v2ex). The solution is to use a server to reverse proxy to the source station and then bind Cloudflare to the reverse proxy server. I tried, the efficiency is too low. So I am thinking that if you support customization, directly in the background of Cloudflare CNAME to the source station (source station adopts noip ddns), so you can use Cloudflare in the case of custom source port. Baidu Cloud Acceleration does not support https, and in many ways is not as good as Cloudflare. Currently using FreeHosting’s free host, but it is very unstable and often crashes. I am fed up with the trouble of migrating websites and configuring websites frequently, so I want to migrate to my little nas. I have no choice but to ban all ports below 1024 from my ISP.

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