Can the % cached traffic be increased? Currently its 44%

You even use cloudflare workers to cache your content or use APO for wordpress

Hi, will enabling Rocket loader under the speed section be helpful?

Purge everything from your Cloudflare dashboard, that might help!

I have tried it but still the avg. page load time is 27-40s.

Your site loads in about a second is nowhere close to 40 seconds.

If you already applied the suggestion @erictung gave you, then you should be good to go.

This discussion has been going on for two weeks and I would assume you have received enough ideas at this point how to optimise your site. I’d also suggest to check out the search and #tutorials.

oh, it loads on your PC within a second but it is taking too much time on my browser, don’t know why and also I have a good internet connection here. See the attached pic.Capture

That does not seem to be Cloudflare related. I would suggest you pause Cloudflare for now and first fix your site. If your site is broken, Cloudflare cannot help either.

Run you web site pages through the page speed testing tools I outlined at - it also outlines why you site is slow on mobile and you can see that on WPT scrolling page test run I did below

desktop with 2,030 HTTP requests and also 7MB page size = WPT Result and doc load time = 26.080s and fully loaded time = 55.476s!

Repeat view has even slower load times and larger page sizes for doc load!


mobile emulated 3G fast with 1,858 HTTP requests and also ~2.69MB page size = WPT Result and doc load time = 46.242s and fully loaded time = 103.635s!

Repeat view has even slower load times and larger page sizes!

FYI, ideal total page size is <400-1200KB - less on mobile.

Caching will only help to some extent as network speeds only can go as the speed of light, so slow mobile devices + slower network connections will limit how fast Cloudflare can server even CDN cached files.

Also for cache hit rate, make sure you filter out expected non-cacheable files/requests to derive your effective cache hit rate. So if you have paid Cloudflare plan, you have Cache Analytics to drill down into your cache stats so you can filter out, non-200 HTTP status i.e. 404, 403, 5xx error status requests and other requests to admin pages which you may have configured to bypass caching as these requests won’t ever be cached. Then you will get a closer approximation of your effective cache hit rate for 200 HTTP status requests.

edit: here’s also above mobile WPT run comparing your 1st visit vs repeat visit = WPT results - there’s a waterfall opacity slider to switch between waterfalls for both test runs

Chrome browser CPU utilisation and bandwidth are heavily taxed due to amount of requests and size on emulated mobile browser test

If you strip away the bloat, the WPT mobile emulated is fast = WPT result. My advice strip it all away, and slowly re-add 3rd party requests and test each time using page speed tools I outlined in link above

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