Can’t verify at all

I’m unable to verify with cloudflare at all on my computer, I’m at the end of my rope, I’ve tried to clear my cookies, I’ve tried disabling my browser extensions, scanning my computer’s files for viruses, I’ve tried switching browser, I’ve tried cleaning all of my cookies, browsing history too, and I can’t access anything that has a Cloudflare captcha, I had to use my phone to make this account because of it, please help.

what’s the error?

When I try to verify, the little checkbox “Verify you are human” it loads for a moment, then promptly fails and I have to start over in a loop

I’ve also just updated my browser, still nothing, it seems to be entirely bound to my computer, as using a different browser did nothing, as well as incognito having no effect either, not sure if my computer could’ve been blocklisted or something, and for what if it was, not sure what else there is to try now

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