Can’t upload animated webp to Cloudflare Images

When I try to upload animated WebP to Cloudflare Images it responses with

ERROR 9422: Decode error: image failed to be decoded: Decode: Error while decoding WebP image. The file may be incomplete or damaged

If I do the upload manually via dashboard it stucks on 100% upload

The image itself:


Hello there,

I assume you are talking about mirage. webp image format is not compatible with mirage. Read this article to know more about the formats that are accepted.

thanks for your answer.

but i dont use mirage service. i used only Cloudflare image service.
Cloudflare image officially support webp.

if i uploaded animated gif. Converts it to an automatically animated webp.
However, when uploading a moving webp, an error occurs.

Is the error still persisting? Did you try other methods? As I see the error code and it appears to have no further information on that particular error. Is it correct? You can try again & give it a go.

Alternatively, check this article
Here is the faqs

Sorry, but we currently do not support uploading animated WebP images

update documentation:

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@AlexSemi Thanks for the update

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