Can’t upgrade Plans


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I’m trying to upgrade from the Free plan to the Professional plan, whenever I click on Purchase, it shows the notification that the plan is upgraded but when I refresh the page, it’s returning to the free plan.

I’m also receiving emails saying, We were unable to complete the purchase, change, or cancellation of your Cloudflare subscription for .

I sent an email to billing[at]cloudflare[dot]com and got the ticket id - 2496107

In response I got an automated email which doesn’t help much, it does not tell what’s actually wrong. So I would appreciate it if someone from the team can take a look at this and let me know the problem.


For billing - it’s best to reply to your ticket - if the first reply was automated suggestions from our bot, you can reply. Our billing team will then pick this up and take a look for you.

Alternatively, you can visit and click “Submit a Request” and then “Get More Help” and choose billing.

Hi @mrinalpai,
Checking your account I do see that you were able to successfully place an order today.

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