Can’t set Cloudflare as NS


I want to move my .de domain to another Cloudflare account. Evertime I try to change the Cloudflare nameserver to the new servers I receive an error. I did the denic predelegation check (Nameserver Check - DENIC eG) and I get an error that says Inconsistent set of NS RRs. Is there any way to resolve this problem, because I really need this domain on the new Cloudflare account.

My Ticket ID #1643734 but I only received a template answer which did not help at all


Your domain is most likely still associated with another Cloudflare account and subsequently another set of nameservers. Can you use that account instead or at least remove the domain from it?

So I have to remove the domain on my Cloudflare account 1 to use the nameserver of Cloudflare account 2?

Yes. As long as your domain is under the other account Cloudflare will announce the nameservers of that other account. Considering that your registry is one of those which attempts to verify the nameservers it wont let you change the nameserver, which will also make it impossible to validate your domain for the new account.

Okay thank you, I will try this.

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