Can´t send or receive emails when activate cloudflare

Hello I´m new in the comunity, please help me with this, I´m using a vps with webuzo and recently set up Cloudflare for my domain name, but when Cloudflare is activated I´m not able to receive or even see my emails, check this picture Screenshot by Lightshot this is when I try to acces my accounts. I must say that if I deactivate Cloudflare I´m able to send emails and receive without a problem. I already create an A record named mail pointing to my ip and then point my mx record to that you can check this picture to see what I´m talking about Screenshot by Lightshot, thanks in advance

Seems that Squirrel Mail tries to connect to your root domain ( instead if

The record for your root is set to :orange: but Cloudflare doesn’t proxy IMAP, SMTP and co which causes the timeout

Check if you can change the Squirrel Mail configuration to or ask your hoster if they can do it for you.

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OK try to do that but not working either, I notice that if I pause Cloudflare, emails works I dont even have to change the ns records of my domain just pause Cloudflare but when I enable it again emails stop, other thing emails send when i cant read them and its not working arrives because when I pause Cloudflare and check are there, I dont understand whats happening. thanks for reply.

As stated above: you can not connect to your mail server when Cloudflare is active for your mail domain. All attempts will be blocked by their proxies.

Create a sub domain (webmail for example) and reconfigure your squirrel to use this instead of your root domain.

Don’t activate Cloudflare ( set the record to :grey:) this record and your mail should work.

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