Can´t send mails to gmail accounts

I cannot send emails from my mail to gmail accounts. I have contacted my provider and they told me to contact Cloudflare. Unfortunately there is no way on earth to contact a SERVICE PROVIDING company. Can anyone help?

This is the message I got from my provider: “My colleague has unfortunately overlooked the fact that you do not manage your DNS records with us. You need to add the SPF entry mentioned by my colleague to your DNS records, currently your name servers show:
nserver: chad.ns.cloudflare. com
nserver: rayne.ns.cloudflare. com
It is best to contact Cloudflare directly so that they can help you with this entry.”

You should just add the SPF record (whatever was provided to you, as “mentioned by [my] colleague”).

If you need help, you can start here:

But really, if you have an e-mail provider, and you lack the expertise to manage the DNS yourself (via Cloudflare), I’d recommend you change your DNS to your e-mail hoster, so that they can take care of it.

Getting e-mails delivered @gmail requires a number of things (and some luck and/or reputation), so probably once you have SPF set, you will also have to make sure DKIM, DMARC and FCrDNS are in place.

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