Can’t seem to connect a sub domain to a discord invite URL

I can’t connect a subdomain to a discord URL. I’ve looked at many threads and blogs but nothing helps. I want to connect my subdomain: to my discord invite URL which is

Go to your dashboard, add an A record for discord and point it to your own host

Then create a Page Rule:

Forwarding URL -> 301

What appears when I access a custom domain invitation, cannot be reached.

This is how I copied your previous tutorial from the Infamous custom invite issue.

Can you explain to me from the first step?

You didn’t configure your sub domain ‘discord’

Where should i copy it?

I saw the previous forum who ask for help with discord custom invite domain, you tell him to add an A record called discord-opt something…? What was that again?

Oh yes. Forgot about that one

The hard part is understanding that website.

I can’t encode this for you right now. Yout might have done it correctly. But the main problem atm is that you didn’t set an A record for

Is this right?

Yes it is

Why my domain not directing to my discord invite?

Remove the 3rd and 4th nameserver from your domain through your freenom domain panel first

 Domain Nameservers:


Why does it take to update the domain invite? It’s been a while. I still can’t access my custom invite.

Hi @titaniumplayzmc,

That subdomain does now redirect to the Discord link for me.


And now check your server and SSL setup.
If you’re using Flexible SSL, change it to Full or Full (Strict). IIRC there’s a valid certificate on your host

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