Can’t remove a subscription once domain removed from account. The saga continues

I already have a ticket open on this (#3244768) opened 16 days ago now. I would have thought this was a simple matter, but after reading other threads of a similar vein here it seems there is a bug with the coding of the Cloudflare billing portion of the site that has been unresolved for many years now.

Basically it’s this. If you remove a domain from the account page, even though it prompts you that all subscriptions will be terminated once the domain is removed, it does not terminate them. Further if you try to click ‘edit’ from the subscriptions page, nothing happens as there is no domain in the system for this subscription. How can you bill people for something that isn’t even in their accounts area?

Multiple users are reporting the same problem but it doesn’t seem to ever get fixed.

I want you to reverse the charges you made to my account in error and remove the subscriptions for all the domains that were previously removed from my account.

I’m still have not gotten any help from Cloudflare to correct this issue.