Can’t remote access private network when on wifi

I have a server running at home which has an internal IP of

When not at home, using cell data and Warp, the server is accessible.

When not home, using Wi-Fi and Warp, the server is inaccessible. I can’t ssh in or pull up websites on the server.

Incidentally, the network of the external Wi-Fi is uses the 192.168.1.X space.

I’ve checked the split tunnel rules. is not in any of the ranges.

What should I look at to debug this issue?

I didn’t see any tests without WARP.

A much better approach would be to use Cloudflare Tunnel and Access.

Oops, forgot to mention. The server is running cloudflared and the tunnel is active.

The server is inaccessible without warp as expected.

Worth checking this, make sure it’s not listed in trusted Network

It’s not. This is what my iOS screen looks like:

Bizarrely, if I put the warp client in proxy mode, I can connect to the server using the proxy as a jumphost.

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Can you show the output of when using either Cell or Wifi?

Also, does this happen with every Wifi?
It is possible to configure WARP to only “work” when connected to certain Wifi networks (or none, and just to Cell). Maybe that’s what’s wrong? The debugging I ask for above should help clarify this.