Can’t Recreate Email

Tried recreating email on wife’s phone but says it’s unavailable. Email I tried to recreate was redacted

Cloudflare does not offer mailboxes, so you need to elaborate on your issue before we can help you.

Generally, you’d create the email account on the website of your email service provider, and only add it to the email app on your phone.

So I’m not sure what exactly you were doing when you say “recreating email” on the phone.

  1. Who is your email service provider?
  2. What is the domain of the email, like (the full email address you gave is redacted to protect your privacy, so only Cloudflare staff and forum moderators can see it).

Hey GeorgeAppiah,

So, I am using iCloud and had purchased the domain The email was [email protected] that I created on my iPhone. I wanted the email for my wife but found that I couldn’t just transfer the email from my iPhone to her’s. I was supposed to create it on her iPhone. So I deleted from my iPhone and when trying to recreate on hers, the phone said I couldn’t.

Very Respectfully,

Jeremiah G. Cruz