Can’t receive emails

I have been going through this since AUGUST OF LAST YEAR (2021). DNS are put in correctly. There is not an issue with Google I have spoken with several support specialists. Previous ticket is under 2296452 and the new one now is 2345755. When I spoke with Google , They are saying that there are two records on your end that are stopping the connection. I do not see these. The two they provided me are

120 IN MX
120 IN MX 10mx2.forward

I do not see this on my end and it needed to be erased. Something is blocking the connection and I can’t receive my emails. is the domain. I’m using [email protected] to communicate

I’m not seeing those MX records. Do you have them in your DNS records page here? If so, can you post a screenshot of them?

Can you also confirm that the bottom of your DNS page here show Liberty and Seth as your Cloudflare name servers?

The nameserver part on the bottom got cut off. Can you post a screenshot of that also?

That’s not the account your domain is using. If you want to use this account for your domain, you need to go to your domain registrar and change the name servers to Alexandra and Dean.

Im sorry , I don’t understand. What needs to be showing ?


Yes, those are the instructions.

Those names are already showing

No, they’re not. That’s what that page is telling you. You registered at Wild West Domains, or their reseller, and you need to fix the problem over there.

the domain should be under ,[email protected] is what im using as an alternate to communicate with Cloudflare. I can’t verify [email protected] bc it send the verification email to the email that im not getting.

I’m afraid we can not assist with name server changes at your registrar. You will need to ask your registrar to help you set the correct name servers.

ok, do you know how I find out who my name servers would be ? would this be google since this is where the emails are going?

Already answered a couple of times:

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I looked it up and my servers are listed as
but its not allowing me to change it is not your domain registrar.

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right its wild Wild West

@user1415, have you problems on your webserver? Your domain is listed as phishing domain and is blocked by Googles Safe Browsing because of malicious content

Hello again , I have contacted both google and Wild West domains (which is the register) they have indicated they cannot change name server and this something cloudier has to do. I have no access to change this