Can’t log in - Authentication token emails not being sent


I have been trying to login to my account for a couple of days and the authentication token has been not sent. Checked spam, logs, mailserver, etc.

I have already sent an email to support at (from another email). Pro plan.

Support number #1863284

So any help into the queue will be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi @dbuster,

Just to check, you can receive emails from other places, but the one from Cloudflare is not coming through?

I am not sure which token you are meaning, are you able to explain?

Thank you, it’s the weekend now, so they may not be around but one of the mods may check on the ticket for you.


The login IP change authentication token.

Yes, I can receive other emails in that email address.

Oh, that one, thanks!

Great, just checking that if you received an autoresponse on that ticket, you replied to it, or the ticket may have automatically been closed.

Great, thank you :slight_smile:


Any news on this? I can’t login into my account yet.

Thank you,

Apologies for the delay, I flagged this for a mod to have a look, however with the weekend and then timezones, I doubt they have seen it yet.

@adspedia, would you maybe be able to have a look at this ticket, please?

Please make sure when you open a ticket or email in to support AT cloudflare DOT com to open a support ticket, you do it from the account email address, otherwise we will not be able to help. We can only speak to the owner of the account.

You indicated you opened a ticket from another email. You would have gotten an instant response from our systems that we need you to write in from your Cloudflare account email, correct?



Sorry for that, I was getting the forwarded email :slight_smile:

But no, I got a “standard” reply message (or I think so).

Now it’s solved, thank you :slight_smile:

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Good to know. And good to keep in mind for future, always to open a support ticket from the account that is admin for the domain you need help with. Always glad to answer any questions.

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