Can`t install cloudflare warp on windows 10

Found the solution.

Go to *C:\Windows* find temp then right click on temp folder go to properties uncheck readonly. If you get error on administrator then go to security tab and click on you username name and give full permission. then try to uncheck and install the msi package again. it will get installed without an error 2503 and 2502. hope this will help you.

I found below solution and its working on my PC. Please try the same.
Firstly right click on ‘Cloudflare_WARP’ installation file and then click ‘properties’.
Then click ‘Compatibility’ tab and click ‘Run compatibility troubleshooter’. When ‘Program Compatibility Troubleshooter’ window pops up, click on ‘Test the program…’. Then you will see ‘Welcome to the Cloudflare WARP Setup Wizard’ window and follow the instructions of ‘Setup Wizard’. Boom! That’s. All the best…