Can’t get through pages of firewall rules

Today, I happened to notice that when viewing Security » WAF » Firewall rules there are no navigation arrows/buttons to see the rules past #10 that are hidden on subsequent pages.

I believe the firewall rules are not paged but you should be able to mouse-over the list and scroll down to see the rules below 10.

While I’d had a 100-something page rules at one time, I’ve only had 10 firewall rules until today. After creating the 11th rule, it had shown 1-10 of 11 and I couldn’t see anything beyond #10.

For me, both Page Rules and Firewall Rules do not have any pages but just the ability to scroll down the list of rules.

Firewall rules does display the numbers visible at the bottom left and that changes as I scroll.

I just double-checked. While I can scroll through all of my Page Rules as expected, Firewall Rules are a different story. It’s showing 1-10 of 11 and when I hover over the list, scrolling scrolls the entire page, not the rule list.

That is very strange, can you try adding another rule and see if that makes any difference?

If not then please try in a private/incognito window and a different browser if possible.

If none of those work, I’d suggest submitting a support ticket including a HAR file showing the issue.

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I created a 12th, useless placeholder, draft rule. With twelve rules, it’s scrollable throughout the entire ruleset.

However, after deleting the 12th rule, that 11th rule is hidden and non-visible again — just showing 1 to 10 of 11 items. So, there’s some sort of anomaly when there are exactly eleven firewall rules.

Let me see if I can confirm that on my test account…

Yes, I can confirm that there is an issue where the Firewall Rule list is not scrollable with 11 rules so the 11th is not visible. 10 rules and they all fit on one page, 12 and scroll works.

I’m escalating this issue to the support team to pass on.


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