"Can’t Find Server Error," Message when type in https://www or www.example

Issue Persisting:
“Can’t Find Server Error,” Message when type in https://www.- example or www. - example.

Previously fixed:
All traffic redirecting to the correct site.
Https://- example (now works)
example(dot)com (works)

Hi there,

A ‘Can’t Find Server Error’ - is typically a DNS Resolution error and dns is not working as expected.

A couple of things to check.

  1. Ensure that the DNS records exist under the DNS tab on Cloudflare
  2. Ensure your domain is still registered at the registrar - and that it is still delegating to the Cloudflare nameservers associated with your zone.

Using tools below can help you identify this, replacing example.com with your zone name.

Ideally, if you can share your domain name we can help be more specific if needed.


That worked. Thank you

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