Can’t download folders on R2 Storage

As what I’ve found, I cannot download a folder on R2 storage, it can’t work on Workers also as Workers could only download simple file.
This troubles me a lot and how to solve it?
I wanna to download a folder or I can zip them online and download them.

R2 is object storage, which means it doesn’t really have folders. When you see a folder, you are setting a list of files that stare a similar starting path.
If you want to download a folder, then you can look at something like rclone.


I couldn’t agree more on ur explanation. But as I am using rclone, it would show “Read or write error” when reading files like index.html or js files, this bothered me a lot.

So he problem comes down to Cloudflare or Rclone or my configuration about it ?
And did u try to use rclone to copy folders down to local from Cloudflare?

:blush: Thanks

I would run rclone with info (-v) or debug mode (-vv) enabled so you can get better errors to figure out what is causing them.

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