Can`t delete 'payment info' due to active rate limit. Can`t delete 'rate limit' subscription also

Hi there. I want to delete my billing/payment info. So I go to Billing section, Manage payment methods and click Delete. I receive “Cannot remove payment method from account that has pending charges/balance. (Code: 1219)”. When I go to Subscriptions section I see ‘Paid’ ‘Rate limiting’ subscription, but there is no ‘Delete’ button or similar. I assume I cant delete my payment info due to active 'rate limitimg' subscription, but I also cant delete the subscription. I have no configured rate limiting rules, so it`s not the case. How to fix it? I really want to delete my Payment info.


I’d suggest you to write an e-mail due to your related issue about payment to billing[at]cloudflare[dot]com.

Furthermore, I am not sure if all the payment information should be deleted as some might be required? :thinking:

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