Can`t Create CNAME record

I try to create CNAME record for my domain however it says CNAME record cannot be created because CNAME record already exists - but I dont see any CNAME records.

A record already exists with the same name. Find it using the search function in the DNS section and delete it before continuing to create the CNAME record.

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You should be typing the name of the record, not CNAME. What is the domain and record you are attempting to add?

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That is not possible. You can only create CNAME records for subdomains.

Why do you want to do that? That is very likely not what sparkpostmail asked you to do.

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Well I mean… you sort of can create it. But it won’t be returned as a CNAME record because it can’t be … because the Internets don’t allow for a CNAME record at the root of a domain, And as @Laudian mentioned it’s unlikely that is what the vendor in question expects. Their documentation indicates they would have provided a specific record and value to be created and expect that to be returned unproxied :grey: .

However, if you were going to use that record as you describe, you would need to delete the existing record for your root domain (whatever type it is) which will likely break your website if you have one and potentially have other unintended consequences if other records are also listed on the root domain.

thats the instruction from sparkpost mail, thats why I want to do it, when I tried to add subdomain to sparkpost, they give me error too, saying only root domain can be added, I will try with a domain without cloudflare

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